Acknowledge the Voice of Your Guest

Date : June 20, 2018

Author : Rakesh Sharma

Acknowledging and taking into consideration the suggestions of your guests and keeping them as a top priority is a simple yet fundamental motto for the hospitality sector. Customer first is a key philosophy when it comes to the hotel industry. Most top-end hotels and restaurants across the globe strive to keep their customers happy and satisfied. A happy customer is the strongest ambassador for your brand.

A dedicated Customer Relationship/ Engagement program

A dedicated customer relationship and engagement platform ensures that hotel managers and leadership get a 360-degree overview and sentiment analysis of what their customers are speaking about them. It tells them what their guests liked or disliked and what expectations are. Since hotels are service oriented, listening to and acknowledging their guests’ voice can provide invaluable insights into the running the business. An investment into a proper platform or tool that encourages and allows guests at hotels to provide their feedback is a necessity and no more just good to have. There are multiple reasons for a hotel to adopt a customer feedback management program:-

1. Improves Guest Engagement – Guests feel their voice is heard, feel involved, and important. Such interactions enhance a positive image of the hotel. Motivates guests to revisit, repurchase, and refer other guests.

2. Positive Word of Mouth - Good guest feedback generates more referral through positive word of mouth. Happy and satisfied guests act as business ambassadors, in their social and professional circles, and influence decisions of others. This indirectly generates more sales for hotels by having new customer walk-ins on a regular basis.

3. Enhance Guest Experience - A proper analysis of guest feedback can give deep insights into consumption patterns, preferences, factors affecting choices and expectations. Armed with such insights hotels can take business decisions on services and personalization thus improving the guest experience

4. Reduce Service Cost - Guest feedback analysis betters the services of hotels which in turn increases retention of guests. Hotels can provide services asked for by guests and reduce less desired ones to bring costs down.

5. Improved inputs and innovative ideas for future - Hotels can use guest feedback to improve their existing services as well as refine ideas for future. Welcoming customer suggestions and inputs can enable hotels to craft out innovative ideas and offer new services in the future.

6. Attract New Customer - Prospective guests get influenced by good reviews of existing guests. In this day and age of technology where an individual’s decision is heavily influenced by reviews, it is imperative for hotels to have positive reviews that go up on online portals. It is observed that 90% of guests seek reviews before finalizing their decisions. Hence having a well-equipped tool which aids in tracking guest feedback is essential.

With so much business at stake, it is important that hotels invest in intelligent but simple tools to collect guest feedback. Guests are always eager to provide their feedback however they get discouraged by lack of opportunity or ease to do that. It is important that hotels listen to their guests in order to stay relevant and stay ahead of the competition.