Is Your CX Tool Assuring Customer Retention?

Is Your CX Tool Assuring Customer Retention?

Date : July 19, 2018

Author : Rakesh Sharma

New customer acquisition is important for business growth; however, profitability depends on customer retention. According to a Gartner report, mere 5% improvement in customer retention can increase profit by 25% to 125%. Moreover, new customer acquisition is costlier and more difficult than customer retention. This is visibly evident in the hospitality industry which primarily relies on customer service experience for gaining new clients as well as retaining the existing ones. Customer feedback at several touchpoints and ensuring the right communication after receiving feedback is extremely imperative to make the guests feel heard and their opinions valued. In the day and age of enhancing customer experience at every point, businesses need to make sure that their customer feedback is churning their guests into frequent and loyal customers.

Here we list a top checklist to ensure that a good customer experience turns in to a great one.

1. Treat your customers as house guests - Customers absolutely love being pampered and treated with care and concern. It adds that extra warmth and homely feeling during when guests feel that the hotel and staff remember names and preferences. Additionally, ensure that their concerns are addressed quickly. This improves stay experience at the property and in turn, can increase their visits converting that guest to a loyal customer.

2. Track customer journey analytics - A good feedback tool helps you to understand and engage with your customers on a personal level. Mapping customer journey enables you to connect with them on a personal level and helps prioritize their concerns and address the loopholes which impact your business.

3. Trust and Loyalty - It is essential that your CX tool assures your guests of trust and loyalty, two very crucial elements for an exceptional customer experience. The right customer experience platform helps you to capture, plan, analyze and respond to customer comments and feedback throughout their journey and beyond.

4. Feedback at multiple touchpoints - Multiple people capturing the feedback at the individual level remains fragmented. Furthermore, it should be ensured that customers are not disturbed when they expect solitude and space. Hotel staff has to practice hands-off approach during this time and ensure guest privacy when they need it. However, when feedback is collected across multiple touchpoints it must not remain fragmented. A good CX platform should be able to aggregate the fragmented feedback across multiple touchpoints and present a holistic view for analysis, insights and action.

5. Following Customer Timetable - Insights captured from a good CX tool helps you discover customer preferences and serve them according to their timetable. Too late or too early can cause annoyance and customer might take it personally. Additionally, the staff must know how to apologize and take corrective actions instantly.

A good CX platform can help the hotels to collect, aggregate and derive customer insights accurately. Appropriate insights and actions can help you deliver an impeccable customer experience those results in contributing towards revenue growth. The right CX platform improves customer retention increase brand loyalty and advocacy. The right customer engagement platform turns your customers into partners.

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