Four Ways Hotels Can enR3ich CX of Millennial Customers

Date : July 4, 2018

Author : Sooraj Keswani

Success in the hospitality sector depends on delivering a great customer experience for the visitors and guests. Millennial generation customers are more demanding as they have grown up in an environment of instant gratification. They have become accustomed to the receiving things instantly and information being just a click away. This generation has now adapted to travel as a way of life and you can no more categorize travel to simply leisure/business. Pleasing millennials can be hard but not impossible. Here we list down 4 ways hotels can improve the customer experience for their millennial clientele.

1. Quick response and better turnaround time – Studies show that millennials are loyal to the brands that understand and respond to their needs quickly. Hotels need to improve efficiency while responding to customer needs. Right technology platform with tools to understand customer needs can help the hotels to quicken their response times.

2. Being present on guest’s preferred platforms - Millennials are present on various social platforms and therefore it is important for brands to engage their customers on their preferred sites. This enables hotels to deliver a seamless customer experience across multiple digital touchpoints as well as listen to the customer voice and gather feedback across the social media universe. Your CX tool should collect relevant data so that you can cater to each customer as per their preference and need.

3. Being open to feedback and suggestions - Millennials are far more exposed to different cultures and trending issues, thanks to technology. They are eager to share their experience, their opinions and suggestions with the brand they wish to be loyal to, therefore, to enR3ich your business you should have you CX feedback tool designed in such a way which will enable them to voice their opinion. This, in turn, will help you understand each customer’s need and help you anticipate what he/she is exactly looking for.

4. Personalization of services - Personalization is the key to making guests feel valued. More than 60% millennials refer brands if they have had a personalized customer experience. This needs a technology that not only collects the customer feedback but tracks and analyses their behavior and reports actionable insights that can be used to improve personalization.

Millennials form the majority of guest base for the hospitality industry and in this era of constant competition, exceptional customer experience is the only way to stand out. This brand differentiation can help the hotels to gain loyalty as well as make the guests their brand ambassadors. SerenaWay enR3ich is a customer experience management platform that has the ability to collect and analyze guest feedback at multiple touchpoints and delivering actionable insights to hotels for improving customer experience.

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