Customer Experience Management Platform

Innovative platform that provides powerful insights

Customer Experience Management Platform | CXM Outsourcing

Every interaction with customers impacts their loyalty. In today’s world, it is more important than ever to measure and improve experience at every key moment along the customer journey.

Serena Way CXM platform enables you to collect, track and prioritize customer insights and incorporate customer feedback into every decision.


Quickly design world-class surveys using our domain and purpose specific library. Choose from hundreds of questions or create your own questions. Create surveys in a jiffy and add features like:

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Significantly improve the response rate by quick survey quality checks like fatigue and ease of survey meters.

Intelligent Rule Engine

Soliciting feedback from the right customers is crucial. Our Intelligent Rule Engine helps in pushing context specific surveys only to relevant customers.

Some of our most popular surveys:


Understanding voice of customers is key to improving your business.

By understanding customer sentiments and opinions you can help improve customer interaction at each stage, boost your sales engagement and optimize your marketing campaigns.

Our customers use Serena Way to provide an incredible experience to their customers not only by collecting feedback but also to prioritize, act and track improvements


Staying ahead of curve in your product strategy is not as difficult as it sounds.

Our Product surveys make it easy to collect product feedback, market expectations and incorporate the feedback into every product decision.

Serena Way will help you in creating a data driven product roadmap and also in prioritizing your product features.


Arm your sales team with feedback to improve their win rate.

Customers’ feedback after a purchase or after a decision not to purchase is very important for an organization to improve their sales efforts.

Serena Way can help in identifying key sales support parameters that can be used by sales team to start selling smarter.


Collect feedback using multiple channels and as per convenience of respondents. Our surveys look good on multiple devices like laptops, mobiles and tablets and can be designed in a conversational way and not just rude questions. Serena Way enables you to dispense surveys through channels like:

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Much Beyond Surveys

Sophisticated features for intelligent response collection include:

Integration with Beacons to push survey to customers in vicinity

Integration with Beacons to provide quick customer insight from universal data in physical stores.

Intelligent survey to avoid same survey being pushed to customers who have already responded

APIs for easy integration with Loyalty programs, reward points, promotions / discount systems, etc to provide real-time incentives to customers


Choose from a variety of reporting formats and dashboards. Share selective data with the right stakeholders. Right from real time statics to tools for in-depth analysis, Serena Way offers user friendly tools for reporting. Simple reports include:

Live Statics
Word Cloud
Participation maps


Enrich user response data using multiple innovative ways and get better insights into critical aspects about customers. Our proprietary assessments enables in having a focused approach towards defined sub-sets of customer.

Customer Mindset

Get insights about customer mindset through psychological analysis and behavior analysis.

Prioritization of Drivers

Knowing what matters to your customers the most is not so easy. Serena Ways makes it simple by prioritizing the key drivers that improve your customer experience.


Get recommendations that will help you drive increased customer loyalty and higher share of wallet. Once you identify key parameters that need improvement, Serena Way lets you setup initiatives against these parameters and recommendations.

You can setup improvement goals at each level of organization and track them periodically.

Serena Way CXM helps:

  •   Improve customer loyalty
  •   Increase cart size, improve purchase frequency and increase share of wallet
  •   Minimize cart abandonment
  •   Improve brand awareness & positioning
  •   Creating data driven product / service strategy
  •   Delivering targeted promotions