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    Customer Experience Management

    Serena Way is in the business of providing powerful customer insights that help you in effective end-to-end management of your Customer Experience.

Serena Way Research Suggests:

  • More than 90% of the businesses treat their customers as numbers
  • 72% of the customers change loyalty desiring better treatment and customer experience

Providing best customer experience is only possible if we consider customers as individuals and understand their psychology to provide a differentiated experience to wow them.

Serena Way is in the business of providing powerful customer insights that help you in effective end-to-end management of your Customer Experience.

Our customers leverage these insights to

Create a great strategy and deliver an awesome customer experience

Improve customer loyalty and avoid customer churn

Create promotions and customized experience based on customer mindset

Create data driven product / service road-maps

Your One-Stop Partner in taking your
Customer Experience Management Program to the next level

Our simple engagement model

Assessment of how your current customer experience is poised to provide you potential business growth

A detailed analysis of your current Customer Experience Management program to identify gaps

Focused consulting, Customer Experience Management Strategy formulation and execution

Customer Experience Management with

Serena Way

We are passionate about helping businesses gain competitive edge by enhancing their Customer Experience. Our CXM Platform and CXM Consulting uniquely position us to be your end-to-end partner for creating an amazing Customer Experience.

Customer Experience Management Platform | CXM Platform

Serena Way CXM Platform

Innovative platform that provides powerful insights on Customer Experience by enabling easy collection, enrichment and analysis of customer feedback.
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Serena Way CXM Consulting

Consulting in CXM to best support your unique business needs and drive business outcomes.
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Customer Experience Management Consulting | CXM Consulting

Serena Way for Industries

Serena Way CXM platform is industry agnostic and our team of experts can suggest industry specific best practices to collect and analyze customer feedback. We provide industry specific integrations to make the solution more powerful and relevant.


Customer Experience Management In Retail | Serena Way

Serena Way helps retailers embrace a customer-centric approach by making customer experience management in retail simple and easy. Insights from our customer experience management platform enable them to identify key drivers that enhance their digital as well as instore experience. Serena Way platform along with our consulting helps retailer take control of their customer journey and provides a powerful means to understand voice of customers.


CXM Platform For Hospitality

Competitive edge is defined by guest experience in Hospitality Industry. Our customer experience management platform for Hospitality helps in understanding loyalty drivers at all the touch points including research, booking, check-in, stay, dining, check-out to name a few. Our consultants guide you at each stage of your guest experience management program to ensure that your guest become your promoters.


Customer Experience Management In Healthcare

Changing trends in Healthcare are pushing Hospitals and diagnostic centers to focus on patient experience.As patients become more demanding, they are willing to walk away from poor service. Serena Way makes customer experience management in healthcare simple by providing means to listen to patients and engage with them. Analysis of feedback at each touch point from diagnostic services to actual treatment helps in identify key parameters that matter in staying ahead of competition.


Customer Experience Analysis Tools

Using Serena Way platform, Automobile dealers understand customer interaction right from the test drive experience to after sales and servicing experience. This helps in delivering an exceptional experience in product, sales and services and win and retain customers.


Customer Experience Consulting Services

Quality feedback and insights from our platform helps businesses in fostering stronger relationships with their customers. Serena Way enables businesses facilitate an on-going feedback cycle across different users and leaders so that they can use the feedback to learn and improve their products and services.


Online Customer Experience Management

Serena Way enables educational institutes in focusing on students’ and parents’ satisfaction by analyzing what they truly value. Insights about brand perception from students as well as corporates directs the organizations in creating a data-driven marketing strategy.

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